InnoTech is seen as Leader by Media in Growing AB’s Technology Talent

InnoTech College has recently had the honour of being featured on 660 News, Metro Calgary, and on Alberta Global News, to speak about how it’s leading the path to helping Albertans recover from the economic downturn resulting from low oil prices.  With many Alberta’s still unemployed or under-employed, ‘upskilling’, as InnoTech’s president, Julie Rubin, refers to […]

InnoTech College gives young women 50% off tuition!

In response to Alberta’s demand for computer science professional and the need for greater gender diversity in the tech sector, an Alberta technology college has announced a bursary for females 25 years of age or younger to get 50% off tuition on any of its programs! InnoTech College is a government designated college, founded by […]

New Technology College is helping Albertans get Computing Jobs

A new Alberta technology college is set on growing Calgary’s abnormally low, and declining[1], technology talent pool. InnoTech College opened its doors in 2016 and since then, has developed 7 technology programs (with more on the way) suitable for those with no prior technical/computing experience, as well as those looking to expand or update their […]

Programming Diploma Students Featured in Metro News (January 2017)

Harjeet Mahajan (Calgary) Wanting to further advance his career in the IT industry, Harjeet Mahajan enrolled at InnoTech College in the SharePoint Specialization Programming diploma (October 2016 – July 2017). Mahajan came to Canada to explore the beauty of this country and gain work experience in the energy industry, but his previous training was not […]

Edmonton Technology Enthusiasts! Meet Your Kin

There are tons of great meetup groups in YEG! What’s a meetup group, you ask? is a great way for individuals in Edmonton to meet other people with the same interests. All types of groups from Fitness to Politics to Religion exist on, including Tech groups for every kind of tech geek. We’ve […]

Becoming Microsoft Certified

Microsoft’s internationally-recognized Certification exams serve to provide IT employees with the designation that allows them to succeed in their chosen IT career, no matter the location.Microsoft breaks up its certification exams into five categories: Server, Desktop, Applications, Database, and Developer. Each category offers a different streamline depending on your specialization. For example, those specializing in […]

2016 June Alberta Job Examples

Alberta is a predominantly Microsoft development environment (.net), which means the vast majority of corporate, government, and non-profit organizations utilize SharePoint. Some of the many organizations hiring .net (and SharePoint) developers are AB Health Services, Enbridge, Enron, Atco, PCL, and Atcore. See below for a sample of current jobs available in IT (as of June […]

Want to Get Gov’t Funding to Improve Your Skills?

    Designed to help address the misalignment of skills and needs, the Canada-Alberta Job Grant  (CAJG) is a funding program where employers and government share the cost of training new and existing employees. With Alberta’s changing economy, new industries booming and others waning, it has become increasingly important for employees to find a way […]

Would you Like to Get Gov’t Paid Training for Your Employees?

Do you have a new or existing employee with potential? Interested in giving them the opportunity for additional training to better serve a job vacancy in your company?          Designed to help address the misalignment of skills and needs, the Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) is a funding program where employers and government […]

Confused About SharePoint?! You’re Not Alone!

If you were to Google “SharePoint,” any number of responses would come up. The answers will range from jargon citing a browser based collaboration platform, a web-based intranet system, or an enterprise information portal to opinion pieces boasting SharePoint as a type of blogging wiki (AIIM, 2016) The actual truth is that SharePoint is not […]
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