InnoTech College is a new Alberta post-secondary institution, specializing in programming, other technologies, and Lean business methodologies. Founded in 2015, as a way of bridging the gap between what employers are looking for and what post-secondary institutions can offer, InnoTech College specifically caters to individuals ready to specialize in their chosen field and ready to start their careers. With campuses in Calgary and Edmonton, we ensure that the largest employers and tech leaders, from both cities, play an active role in our programs’ curriculum development, instruction, as well as in welcoming our students and graduates into their organizations for internship and job opportunities.

Our post-secondary programs are designed to take students from having no previous knowledge of their chosen industry, to being ready to successfully qualify for entry-level positions in the fields of programming, robotics and business development.

We want to make a difference in helping individuals, unsure of their future, build a solid foundation of education and experience that enables them to reach their goals and create a life they’ve only ever dreamed of.

At the current time (spring 2017), InnoTech College is running only a single offering – our Programming Diploma. Being a specialized programming college, allows us to bring value to our students that larger all-encompassing institutions (like NAIT, SAIT, CDI College) cannot deliver on. All of our students receive as much individualized attention as they request, and a very hands-on experience where they practice programming during every class, and on a weekly basis complete a programming-related lab. With over 450 hours of instruction, and with our students not requiring previous programming experience, our institution is quite unique in Alberta. We’re the most in-depth, and least barriered programming course in Alberta.

InnoTech College is licensed and designated in Alberta, under the Private Vocational Training Act. Its provincial Educational Institution codes are BPOS (Calgary) and BPPE (Edmonton). With it being a designated institution, all of our students are eligible for government loans, grants and scholarships. We assist all of our students with applying for these funding sources.

We welcome you to learn more about the instructors of our programming college, or the curriculum of our Programming Diploma if you are interested in enrolling. If you’d like to learn more, we’d also love to meet you in person. Please schedule an information appointment by going here.